PV panel renovation technology

Fast on-site low-cost renovation of aged PV panels using thin siloxane film.


The real field lifetime of recent/new first tier (bankable) PV panels till critical degradation (failure) is about 5-7 years and degradation rate is -1.2% to -4.9% per year. Suppliers declare lifetime 25-30 years,workmanship warranty 12 years, annual degradation rate -0.5% to -0.6%.


New method of fast on-site low-cost renovation of aged PV panels using siloxane film was developed. It is approximately 20 times less expensive compared to PV panel replacement. New panel 430W(size 1x2m) price 120 USD, renovation price 6 USD.


Complete PV power plant renovation cost is 3.5% of the total PV plant price only.


Pay-back time is 6 months.


Typical recent PV panel 430W (size 2x1m) renovation price is 6.0 U$ per piece. Renovation price per Watt is 0.013 U$/W


Concerning the carbon footprint the PV panel renovation is even more than 100 times more effective compared to PV panel replacement


Renovation equipment price is now 23.000U$ for 100MW annual capacity. 230.000U$ for 1000MW (MOQ)


Total globally installed capacity of PV panels is 1TW now. It will be 2.3 TW till the year 2026.


Let’s estimate 50% of PV panels will need renovation. It is 1.15 TW till the year 2026. Resulting global market size for PV panels renovation is U$ at renovation price 0.013U$ per watt.

Our new references
TRAXLE at Hongsipu 5MW PV plant
Super TRAXLE at test center
Super TRAXLE 0.5MW PV plant