Examples of silicone gel encapsulant application

Types of EVA laminated PV panel failures

Type of failures % of total failures
Corrosion 45.3
Cell or interconnect break 40.7
Output lead problem 3.9
J-box problem 3.6
Delamination 3.4
Overheated wires or diodes 1.5
Mechanical damage 1.4
Defective bypass diodes

Since 90-ies there is evidence of the positive experience of testing and operation of circuits and semiconductor devices, the so-called sealed polysiloxane gels.

Gels represent three-dimensional structure formed during the reaction of low molecular weight polysiloxanes.

VIESH research institute developed the original manufacturing technology of vacuum glazing with a thermoplastic spacers around the perimeter, characterized in that the evacuated cavity is filled with an optically transparent medium in the form of liquid polysiloxane compound, laminable at room temperature on the mechanism of hydrosilylation in the low-modulus gel.

Recently VIESH research institute in cooperation with Traxle Solar Company developed industrial scale technology suitable for multi MW PV panel production plants. The Traxle Solar Company is the only owner of the worldwide license of this technology.


EVA Silicone gel
Long term operating temperature -40 +80oC -60 +250oC
UV radiation resistance low High
Operating lifetime 25 years 40 years
Laminator energy consumption per hour 49 kWh 4.5 kWh
Refractive index 1,482 1.406
Transparency for solar radiation 8% (360nm) 90% (360nm)
Transparency for solar radiation 62% (400nm) 91% (60nm)
Transparency for solar radiation 91% (600-1000nm) 93% (600-1000nm)
Corrosive agents - lamination Acetic acid no
Corrosive agents - ageing Acetic acid no
Mechanical stress - lamination Yes No
Mechanical stress - ageing Yes No
Lamination temperature +130°C +20°C
Modulus of elasticity 10.0 N/mm2 0.006 N/mm2
Linear coefficient of thermal expansion 4.0 x 10-4 K-1 2.5 x 10-4 K-1


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