Hybrid photovoltaic / thermal panels


  • Higher energy yield per surface area
  • Reduced manufacturing and installation cost
  • Reduced payback time


Advantages of the silicone gel lamination for PV/T panel design

  • Reduced thermal resistance (insulation) between PV cells and the heat exchanger due to direct lamination technology (I.e. improved cooling of PV cells and increased thermal energy yield)
  • High operation temperature limit  (+260oC) of silicone gel enables to survive  thermal accidents (up to +150oC by glazed PV/T panels) which can destroy EVA laminate (temp.limit +85oC)
  • Unlike EVA the silicone gel compensates BOTH surface deformations (imperfections) AND thermal expansion differences between PV cells and the heat exchanger (cooling profile)
  • Unlike EVA encapsulant the silicone gel avoid any corrosion of  PV cells and/or the heat exchanger


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Our new references
TRAXLE at Hongsipu 5MW PV plant
Super TRAXLE at test center
Super TRAXLE 0.5MW PV plant