PV panel renovation technology

New PV panel renovation technology for demanding climate using polysiloxane


5 years experience in PV panel renovation/repair.


Recently 4 important facts occurred simultaneously.

1) PV industry is booming in countries with demanding climatic conditions (fast electrical insulation Risol degradation)

2) First tier (bankable) PV panels quality is reduced because of strong market competition (poor quality of electrical insulation)

3) PV system voltage has been increased from 600-700VDC to 1200-1300VDC so the quality of electrical insulation  is very important now

4) Real field WET (morning/rain) Risol is reduced about 100 times compared to laboratory measurements.

The real field lifetime of recent first tier (bankable) PV panels till critical degradation (insolation failure) is  5-7 years in tropical climate and annual degradation rate is -0.9% to -4.9% per year. (suppliers declare lifetime 25-30 years, workmanship warranty 12-15 years, annual degradation rate -0.4% to -0.6%).

THE solution

New method of fast on-site low-cost renovation of aged PV panels using siloxane film was developed. Risol is restored. It is approximately 20 times less expensive compared to PV panel replacement. New panel 430W(size 1x2m) price is 120 USD, renovation siloxane price is 6 USD per panel. Renovation price per watt is 0.014 U$/W.

Price of the renovation equipment is 0.23MU$ for annual renovation capacity 1GW.

Complete PV power plant renovation cost is 3.5% of the total PV plant price only.

Pay-back time is about 6 months.



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