50 years lifetime PV panels technology

The new TRAXLE silicone gel lamination technology for solar PV panels production can be used at operating temperatures up to +250oC. The existing EVA encapsulant use is strictly limited to temperatures below +85oC.

Additionally the ageing of existing EVA encapsulant leads to production of corrosive acetic acid. The acetic acid causes damage of solar cells and substantial reduction of the PV panel lifetime to 25 years only. On the contrary the new silicone gel encapsulant is chemically neutral, there are no corrosive agents. So the PV panel lifetime can be extended up to 50 years using the silicone gel lamination.

Besides high temperature panels and 50 years lifetime panel the silicone gel lamination can be used in design of hybrid PV/Thermal panels, BIPV panels and PV panels combined with LED lighting.

The production price difference between EVA and silicone gel laminated panels are is less than 0,05 EUR/W.

There is very big market for new high temperature, long lifetime (40-50 years) PV panels in sunny hot weather countries like north-west China, Africa, Arabia or Australia.

The TRAXLE Solar company is owner of the worldwide license of the silicone gel lamination technology.

We are looking for partner(s) to build-up 1GW PV panel lamination factory.

The Return Of Investment (ROI) is about ~3 years The partner could invest the factory while TRAXLE will invest the technology know-how, production management and marketing team.


Our new references
TRAXLE at Hongsipu 5MW PV plant
Super TRAXLE at test center
Super TRAXLE 0.5MW PV plant